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We are “Yes Vegan”!

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Who is behind Yes Vegan?

Our captain. Ahoy. He also likes to call himself a mini bull terrier. And that despite its size of almost 2 meters. But he loves dogs – bull terriers especially. Basically a quiet fellow, typically Austrian. Markus founded the Kastingers brand in Salzburg in 2018. As a consultant for holistic health and an expert in e-commerce, he has the best qualifications for this business. When he’s not glued to the phone, he’s bound to be hiking.

Holistic Health Consultant, Nutritionist and Banker. Ramon loves health issues almost as much as his hummus. Yummy hummus. Oh yes, and he also thinks finances are great. He looks forward to the regular strategy talks with Buddy Markus and puts his heart and soul into taking care of product development, editing and customer relations. Do you want product advice? Ask Ramon!

The Data & Numbers Juggler

Like to meet at rock festivals – yeah! She is the defense, or is she the goalkeeper? Bookkeeping, office inquiries, e-mails and the like are mastered by Manja. She also always keeps an eye on the inventory. Not that we’re running out of products.

A lot comes together at Vanessa. Senior Art Director and our power woman in marketing. A happy nature. Always easygoing, happy and relaxed. An open ear for everyone. Always right in the middle without losing the overview. She loves her dog Bruno and the latest iPhones. Unfortunately for everyone, she drinks coke. Not too tight. But only the original. She takes care of all (product) designs and everything related to marketing. 

Bruno is our private feelgood manager and always has an open ear. 

Kastinger’s was founded a few years ago by our founder Markus Kastinger near Salzburg (Austria). The heart and brain of Kastinger’s is now in Berlin. In addition to management, our team includes the areas of product development, marketing, accounting, purchasing and customer support. However, the professionals of our production are in Austria.

Of course, what a question 😉 We are proud of our products and the work that our nutritionists put into product development. Kastinger’s is shaping the future of a happy vegan lifestyle. And of course we want to be a part of that. That’s why we take our vegan food supplements ourselves every day.

We are a vegan company from Berlin, but we are originally from Austria. The recipe of our products is developed by our in-house nutritionists in Germany and produced in Austria under high quality standards.

Due to the high demand for our vegan nutrients and our values ​​of reducing the ecological footprint, we are unable to offer sample packs of our products. However, we are firmly convinced of the quality of our products. If you don’t like our vegan supplements for any reason, just contact us for an exchange or something similar.

We would be happy to provide you with more information about our vegan nutrients. However, since 2012, the EU Health Claims Regulation has defined that we, as a manufacturer of vegan food supplements, are not allowed to make any health or effect-related claims. There are currently only a few exceptions. It is therefore advisable to research the Internet (ingredient + effect) or contact a therapist you trust.

Yes! Quality is our top priority. Absolutely every batch of our raw materials must be examined for different parameters before considering a purchase. This is how we ensure that our suppliers also fulfill their responsibilities. Our producer in Austria checks the raw materials again, so that another safety factor is provided. Our nutritionists then randomly check the final recipes for our vegan food supplements and try them out for themselves. If all of our quality requirements are met, it goes into production.

no As a manufacturer of purely vegan food supplements, animal welfare is very important to us. Therefore, at Kastinger’s we can say with absolute certainty that none of our products have ever been tested on an animal. Only our nutrition experts in the team like to test new products before they are released to you 😉

Yes, all of our products are vegan. “Yes Vegan” is not our motto for nothing. Every fourth vegan is afraid of a nutrient deficiency. We have made this our mission and, as vegan nutritionists, we develop food supplements for vegans. With us you can be sure that all products are always vegan. Because vegan starts with Kastinger’s.

Naturally. That is absolutely no problem. All of our vegan dietary supplements are suitable for long-term use. With many of our vegan products, it is even advisable to take them for a long time or permanently.

If you have a question about this, you can also contact our nutritionists for free product advice. Simply book a free appointment and chat with us. In the case of an acute health problem or chronic deficiency, it makes sense to consult a therapist.

Yes you can. Our vegan dietary supplements, which fall under the category of food, are designed to be taken on a daily basis. A combination cannot be avoided anyway. If you are taking medication or other pharmaceutical products, please clarify this with your therapist beforehand.

All of our products are considered food, so they are generally perfectly safe for everyday use. However, it is recommended that pregnant and breastfeeding women should pay attention to certain ingredients. We therefore always recommend talking to a doctor before adding any new products to your diet.